This is the Sokol from Star Flight in Canada. It's an all molded speed 400 sized
pylon racer. I like the looks of the swept-up wing tips and the T-tail. It arrived
at my post office packed into a neat styrofoam packing box, suitable for reshipping.
The pre installed aileron linkage is the best, tightest set of torque tubes I've ever
seen! All the hardware was included in the kit so all I had to furnish was epoxy
(and the motor, radio, battery, of course). It took all of a long afternoon to finish
assemble and balance. I varied from the building instructions by placing the elevator
servo directly under the trailing edge of the wing and in the fuselage cutout. I have
the RX installed just in front of that. The battery needs to be slid all the way
forward and the C.G. came out right on the spot called for in the plans. Instead of
using a horn to control the elevator surface, I attached a short piece of the ele.
snake along the elevator trailing edge. The control wire now feeds up out of the
snake and bends 90 deg. sideways. This short bend slides right into the small piece
of snake already glued onto the ele. and makes for smooth operation and easy tail
removal for packing. I use a small piece of blue foam as a spacer to keep the
battery in place between the motor and the RX.


Wing Span 28.3"
Wing Area ~110 sq. in.
Weight 14.2 oz.
Wing Loading 18.6 oz./sq. ft.
Airfoil MH-43 
Motor Speed 400 6V (retimed) 
Speed Control Castle Creations Micro
Batteries Sanyo 7 X 600 Ae 
Prop 4.7 X 4.7 APC
Receiver Hitec 555 w/o case
Servos Cirrus CS10BB 

This is one of the easiest planes to hand launch I've ever flown. A nice firm toss
into the wind and it starts to accelerate without losing altitude. The first flight
needed just two clicks of down elevator trim to maintain level flight. This thing is
every bit as fast as it looks. Turns can be made as tight as you'd like without a hint
of stalling. Being all molded, it makes that great whistling sound and it goes as
fast as it sounds. This suprised me somewhat as having a 10% thick airfoil, I
thought would hold the speed down more. It doesn't appear to have any
appreciable negative affect on the speed. One of my favorite characteristics
is the fact that it really slows down nicely when it comes time to land.
Shutting down the throttle and allowing it to lose speed without fearing a tip
stall makes this the favorite of my three molded pylon racers.