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This is the "Smart" sold by Hobby Lobby. It's a completely hollow molded kit designed for 7-10 cells. I have mine powered with an Aveox F7LMR  10-1250SCR's. The only assembly that needs to be done is installing the motor and radio. It comes with 2 servos already in place in the wing. All the control surface hinges are also part of the wing skin.   I've never before had this kind of performance and it is definitely addicting, to say the least. It will climb straight up at I'd estimate around 60-70 MPH doing rolls! The glide down can get anywhere from 40-100 MPH and it doesn't hurt it to roll upside down from 600 ft. and do a complete loop with the energy buildup. I flew it for the 1st time Thursday morning, 7/20/00. It practically pulled right out of my hand. I did a slight climb until it picked up speed (2 sec. max.!) and then kept pulling on the elevator until it was climbing 90 deg . I figured what the heck I started rolling it as it went up! The entire 1st climb out to I'd say 600-800 ft lasted all of 10 seconds! I  then leveled it out and it needed only 2 clicks of up trim to maintain somewhat level fast flight. By this time all the glow guys at DVRC were totally blown away. It really moves out and sounds pretty quiet.  I then did a complete Cuban 8 with a horizontal roll afterward with  the energy buildup before I had to throttle back up and do another 90 deg. climb to altitude. Man I love power, this is the fastest , most  powerful plane I've flown.  I've gotten 8 minutes flight time with it and none of the time was spent just "puttering around"! I want to try a plane that uses 16-20 cells next, "I feel the need for Speed"! It must be really clean as my Race Rat makes more noise going though the air than this. It  does take a long approach to land, even with the air brake setup. I guess I'll have to get used to that. I'll add some personal pictures of the plane as soon as they get back from the developer.
Well, we had a great time up at the Nor Cal Pylon races last Sunday, April 8, 2001. Red from Hanger
One Hobbies put on this one and provided all the BBQ, Thanks Red! To top it all off, he brought his
radar gun to check out some of the speeds of the planes there. He caught my Smart in straight and
level flight without any diving for speed at 85 MPH. He asked me to try another pass at the gun,
this time I did a dive and pulled to level just before he timed it. She registered 115 MPH on that pass!

Wingspan: 55"
Wing area: ~300 sq. in.
Length: 34"
Weight: 48 oz.
Wing Loading: 23.04
Motor: Aveox Brushless F7LMR
Gear Ratio: integral 3.71/1
Prop: RFM 12.8 X 13 Carbon Fiber folder
Batteries: 10-CP1700 matched and zapped
Speed Control: Aveox  F5MV
Amps: 85 amps static
Watts: ~820 watts
Watt Loading: ~273 watts/lb.!
Airfoil: MH-30



First flight low flybys. This is the most predictable plane I have ever flown. I wouldn't normally
do this on the 1st flight!

15 sec takeoff movie (4.38MB)

Aveox F7LMR and L260 controller

This is how the Ailerons were hooked up. I soldered a threaded rod end
to a small wire Z-bend. The control horn is fiberglass cut from printed
circuit board and epoxied into a slot I ground in the aileron.  I now fly
it with the Z-bend in the outside hole.

I've tried two different setups for the V-tail. The single HS-81 servo uses
a carbon fiber tube with a 2-56 sized Z-bend epoxied into the forward end
and couple of threaded 2-56 rod ends soldered together epoxied at the aft
end. The dual CS-21bb servo setup uses threaded rod ends epoxied onto
.080" carbon fiber rods at both ends. The aft end of both versions uses
ball joints. I'm currently using the two servos to experiment with rudder,
it seems to straighten out the climbs and the V-tail actually works well
as a rudder. The glow fliers are astounded by it's arrow straight, rolling
climbs. I've raced a .60 powered sport ship to altitude and smoked him!

The elevator linkage is a simple set of 4-40 wire bent like an aileron torque rod. The
ball joints were ground down to fit the cramped space and everything was epoxied
together.  All the space is very tight!!!

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