F-4 Phantom

This is a long overdue veiw of my scratch built F-4. I  started the
plug with 100% scale side and top veiws. The only thing I've
changed is the inlet size was enlarged to accomodate twin EDF
units. I was going to use Moreley fans but will probably make a
set of homemade fans as I've heard bad things about the
Moreleys not being able to withstand high power inputs. The
molds are epoxy fiberglass and were more work than I would
have imagined to get to this stage. I'll add more as work on
it progresses. It is currently 39" long and has a wing span
of  27". I have two Aveox 1114/4Y's that need a home so this
is the place I'd like to put them. I'm not sure if it'll have landing
gear, not at first anyway.