Extra 300

This is a Robbe kit I picked up on sale in '95. At the time I wasn't up to the level of
flying such a large plane. I had forgotten all about it and I was searching for something else, when I found it. I didn't remember that I had been collecting parts for it. Much to my surprise, when I opened the box it had 6 servos, an 8 channel receiver, a switch harness, 4 cell 500mah pack, and the best thing, an Astroflight 104 speed controller, and an Astroflight FAI 40 modified to stage IV by Kirk Massey of New Creations! It had the old gearbox but I purchased a Superbox from my friend Charles Arthur. I told him what I planned on building and mentioned I needed a motor mount for it. Charles is an expert machinist and asked me to bring it by to take a look. You can see the great work he does in the following photos, I couldn't be happier! I made the 60" wing in 2 pieces so as to ease packing it. This was accomplished with a plywood spar box wrapped in kevlar. It snugly fits a 1/4" X 1/2" carbon fiber joiner. There are pictures of this here also. I got a set of graphics for it to match the Patty Wagstaff '95 plane. That's it for now. I need to get back to work on it so as to have it ready for the Dallas Electric Airplane Flyers meet, Sept. 30, 2000!

Well, here it is January 2003 and I still haven't finished. It sat for 2+ years as the cowl needed major work and the linkage to the tail didn't look right. I've taken up the challenge again and it's starting to look better. The cowl was chopped and channeled, fiberglassed and bondo'd until it fits like a glove. The Pull Pull system to the rudder and elevators was finally worked out. I'm using two servos per and had to connect them with a spring and belcrank system so that if one servo gives out, the other will still have at least 50% travel and not bind on the non-functioning servo. It looks like the last week of Jan '03 it'll get it's maiden flights with a 20-CP1700 pack onboard. I'll post more pictures when I take them.