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The Court Lane
Sunday Flyers
directions to Court Ln.

Every Sunday a group of  free flight, electric RC, and glider pilots assemble at the end of Court
Lane in Concord CA. for some fun. This is in the Lime Ridge Open Space, smack dab in the
middle of Concord. Many of the pilots belong to The Concord Model Engineers and also to
The Diablo Valley Radio Controllers. Here's the pictures I have so far.

Feb. 4, 2001 This is some of the fliers we get here every Sunday
Back row, L-R Lynn Price, Bob Harvey, (turned flying) Tom Miler, Lee Teicheira, Steve Cornwell, Chuck Hill John Nelson, Walt Grant, spectator, Ron Swenson, Jim Loveless
Front row L-R Bob Andrews, Rob Margelony, (behind Rob)Charlie Hill, Tim Bigley, Greg Tobler

Three happy flyers, Jim Seibert with his Lite Stik, Lynn Price with Tom's Tiny,
Tom Miller, and Lee Teicheira in the background.

Tony Gallegos and Chuck Hill
EP Aspire, Pushy Cat
Secco, LiteStick

Jerry White with his experimental sailplane and my dog Samantha

Lee Teicheira and his Oly II
The staging area can be seen in the background.

Jacob, Doug (Woolfy), and Tony get ready in the staging area.
Hey Doug,     AAAAAAHHhOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!!!!

Tony Gallegos with his Hanger 9 Aspire EP.

Jacob with my Secco.

Charlie and Chuck Hill with Pushy Cat

Fred with his V-tailed super floater

Jim with his Bleriot slow flier

Lynn Price with his Skimmer 400

Which way to Ididerod?

Heres a new flier, we get many!

Here he is trying out the club trainer

Tim Bigely with his Lite Stik and Miss 2

Jim Loveless with his Kyosho Cessna

Bob Harvey with his Playboy

Stu Cornwell gets ready for flight with Greg Tobler helping

Chris Heckenbach with his Twinstar

Chuck Riggs and family after the first flight on his Airstrike

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