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This is the Dymond Modelsport Adrenalin
SP400 pylon racer. I just got the kit (nov. 1999) and it looks like
it ought to go together pretty fast. Helmit from Dymond
flies one with one of his SP480's on 8 X 500AR and said
it hits 130MPH,  I sure hope I'm up to this! I weighed all the
parts and she should come to 14 oz. all up flying weight.

Wing Span 29.75" 
Wing Area 115 sq. in. 
Weight 14.4 oz. 
Wing Loading 18.03 oz. / sq. ft 
Motor Rocket 400 
Speed Control Jeti 10 
Batteries Sanyo 7 X 500 AR 
Prop 4.7 X 6 CAM Speed Prop (repitched)
Receiver FMA Tetra 
Servos Cirrus CS10bb 

Well, I flew it for the first time Sunday, Dec. 12 1999. The maiden
flights were done at Court Ln. open space in Concord CA.  There are a
large group of free flighters and electric RC pilots that assemble here on
Sundays. I wasn't too apprehensive, I don't know why, probably
confidence in what I figured was a great plane. She took right off with a
good toss and immediately started a FAST climb out. I let it accelerate
without giving too much up elevator. She just kept getting FASTER and
making an awesome noise! I leveled out at about 300 ft. and started a
clockwise pattern. Man this thing is fast. I've heard 90 mph and I wouldn't
doubt it! I backed off the throttle to ~55% and it still was fast. I just
wanted to get used to something this fast. I landed it after about 4 min.
I didn't wait for the BEC as I wanted to have some juice left for a go
around, this I definitely needed. It glides super fast but when 10 ft.
off the ground it doesn't want to land. I estimate I landed it at ~30 mph,
having to push it down as I wasn't sure about another go around. Back
to the charger and get ready for another flight. During the third flight I
overheard some one calling me "Mac The Knife", as it was really carving
up the sky. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone that wants a fast
pylon racer that can be spectacular with a simple SP400 motor. All
I did was break in the motor and advance the timing. When I can get a
recording of this little rocket, I'll put it here. The sound it makes on a low
flyby you just have to hear for yourself. It reminds me of the Ti Fighter
ship Darth Vader flies in Star Wars, Absolutely Awesome!

Update 10/22/04
I haven't flown this plane in over two years. I was very hesitant
as my flying the past few years has been getting pretty rusty. This is
 what happens when you don't fly enough. To top it all off my throwing
 arm wasn't in shape and I knew it was going to be faster than ever
with 165 watts under the hood.

Today it is repowered with a 7.2V S400 motor and a Thunder
 Power 3S1P 2100 lipo pack. This spins an APC 4.7 X 4.7 prop
 18,500 RPM and draws 16.5 amps.

Well, the launch wasn't my best but the power kicked in and she was
up and flying in no time. It took me a couple of minutes to calm down but
 once it was in trim and in the groove it all started to come back to me. I
 was making low level circuits in no time and buzzing the runway. I sure
am glad that I've painted the leading edges all black. This increased the
visibility immensely.

It is now flying with a 2" longer tail boom for increased stability and
two servos installed into the wing. The two servos are there to allow
a snap flap mix for tight cornering and flapperon or spoileron for a
lower landing speed. I've custom made a set of Carbon Fiber servo
covers because the wing servos are a tad too thick to fully hide within
the wing in their new mounting spot. The servos are outboard of the
fuselage while the servo arm and aileron linkage is just inboard. It
all makes for a tight fit but allowed me to fly the plane with an
8-1950 FAUP Nihm pack. It was extremely heavy but super fast.
The new Lipo batteries have taken things to a new level. It is now
faster than I've ever had it and with the lower weight corners much
better! :>)

Here are a couple of video clips from today.
Launch and buzzing  2:59  29 MB
More buzzing 3:39  41 MB
Landing  0:28  5.7 MB

Old pics

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