Graupner Secco
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This is a fiberglass and obechi wing kit from Graupner. I have it powered
with the Astro FAI 035/ 4.41 geared motor. This is all run off a ten cell pack
of 1000SCR cells spinning a 12.5 X 10 Aeronaut prop. The performance is
terrific and it really gets up and moves! This picture was taken at the
DEAF meet in Dallas, Oct. 99.

Wingspan: 58"
Wing area: 295 sq. in.
Length: 32"
Weight: 46 oz.
Wing Loading: 22.45 oz./sq. ft.
Motor: Astroflight FAI 035
Gear Ratio: 4.41 / 1
Prop: 12.5 X 10 w/+ 5deg. hub
Batteries: 10 - 1250 SCR Sanyo matched and zapped
Speed Control: FMA Digi 50
Amps:  48 amps
Watts: 480
Watt Loading: 166 watts / lb.
RPM: Haven't check yet

Photo by Jon Heimbruch

This is one happy guy.  I just got 2nd place in a 20 sec. climb and glide
against a bunch of glow planes! The prize I won was a Lite Stik kit.
The event was called Bruces Q Fly and was held 8/12/00 at the
Diablo Valley Radio Controllers field in Antioch, CA.  Two of the
glow planes had enough power to climb vertically. One had a Brison
that looked like a chainsaw engine with a tuned pipe running on glow fuel.
I love the sound of 20 glow pilots gasping in unison as they see a good
electric outclimb 95% of them.

Well, I have to say this is one great flying airplane. I just got back from the 2000 DEAF efly, and the plane is still going strong. That means I still have it and can celebrate it's one year anniversary! WWOOOOHHHHOOO I still have the silver brushes in it and they seem to be holding up well.  I checked them this week and they showed a lot of brush left. This plane can be flown like a glow plane (a glow fliers words). It can reach great heights on a short climb and withstand full throttle downlegs and pull outs! Any plane that can holdup to this is a winner in my books.
I have also switched over to a matched and zapped set of 10-1250's. It now has vertical
capabilities, much more than I ever could have originally imagined.