Prelude 10

This is an ARF trainer that I picked up at a MECA Collecto. I got 2 complete
kits for $25! The Fuse is made from skinned foam and the wings are built up. To
modify it for electric power all I had to do was modify the firewall. To this I
mounted my own custom built gearbox with a Kyosho AP-29 motor.
These pictures were taken at the Bethel Is. Golf Course in CA. I got super long
flights with this plane. The longest was 19.5 minutes and I still had enough power
to taxi back to me. This was super stable and had lots of power. It would ROG
(Rise Off Grass) everytime and could loop from level flight at 75% power!
I would set my timer for 12 min. At this time I would lookout for the golfers
and land between golfing parties. I never had anyone say anything
derogatory about me flying here and the field marshals used to come and
watch me fly. The thing that did this in was I was getting too brave and I
overheard one of the golfers say to his partner, "I wonder if that plane can do a
loop?". I just had to show them it would and proceeded to dive for extra
speed in preparation for a really BIG loop. All it did when I pulled up elevator
was make a huge popping sound and then the wingtips touched each other.
It looked like it was clapping hands as it spiraled to the ground. That should
teach me to try and show off, maybe!

Wingspan: 48"
Wing area: 384 sq. in.
Length: 34 in.
Weight: 38 oz.
Wing Loading: 14.36 oz. / sq. ft.
Motor: Kyosho AP-29BB
Gear Ratio: Custom 3.75 : 1
Prop: APC 9 X 10 Sport
Batteries: 8 Sanyo KR 1400 Ae
Speed Control: Viper Model Products 200
Amps: 20 amps
Watts: 160 watts
Watt Loading: 67.36 watts / lb.
Airfoil: E205


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