Folland Gnat

Here we have the Robbe Gnat. What can I say, it looks terrific. I covered
it with low temp film and sanded all of the internal ducting so as to smooth
the flow.I just wish it flew as good as it looks. It came with the motor for
12 cells and the fan unit as part of the kit. I thought I'd get "More Power"
out of it by adding a couple of cells. It ought to really move now! Boy was
I surprised, it barely even climbed  out from a hand toss and every time I
tried to make it turn back toward me it started losing altitude! This thing
came right up to the advertised weight to. I ended up hitting a phone wire,
yes wire. I couldn't do that again if I tryed. That was two years ago.  Someday
I vow to rebuild it and use something else for power. A clubmate of mine has
one with the WeMoTec 480 fan and 10 cells pushing a Plettenberg and it flies
with authority. Things have come a long way with EDF since I first tried this


Wingspan: 32 in.
Wing area: 240 sq. in.
Length: 32"
Weight: 32 oz.
Wing Loading: 19.2 oz./sq. ft.
Motor: Rojet 410/12
Fan Unit: Rojet 410
Impeller Specs: 3" X 5"   4-bladed
Batteries: 14 Sanyo 500AR
Speed Control: Viper Micro Demon 100
Amps:  14 amps
Watts: 210 Watts
Watt Loading: 105 watts / lb.
RPM: 22,000 RPM

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