Fan Plane

This plane is the result of a dare from a fellow clubmate. He taunted me with his promises to be the
1st in our club to get an electric ducted fan in the air. Well, I had to show him, didn't I. This was
designed, built, and flown in just under 7 days! I already had the fan and motor, and the wings
were an extra set of wing tips from a Bobcat glider. The first flight was done on an overcast day
at a ballpark in Martinez CA., with the help of my friend Al Auger. It flew better than either
 of us could have imagined and it sounded like a flying shopvac! The sound was probably caused
by no inlet lip radius. It wasn't as fast as I had hoped, but it accomplished the mission it was
designed for. Al couldn't wait to get home so as to get me to call the "Daring" clubmate and report
the feat.

Wingspan: 40"
Wing area: 300 sq. in. 
Length: 30"
Weight: 51 oz.
Wing Loading: 24.48 oz. / sq. ft.
Motor: AstroFlight .05 Ducted Fan
Fan Unit: Kress RK-709
Fan: seven bladed 3" X 8" 
Batteries: 8 X 1700 SCRC
Speed Control: Flightec
Amps: 56 amps static!
Watts: 400 watts
Watt Loading: 125 watts / lb.
Thrust: 25 oz. static

The original tail is shown below, it was changed to a V tail.

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