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Extra 3.25

This was a pullout plan from an old issue of Model Airplane News that my buddy,
Rob Stahlman had sitting around, collecting dust. I looked it over and figured  it'd
make a great 3rd airplane for me. It looked about the size to be powered by an .05
motor. I just happened to have an AstroFlight cobalt that was begging for a new
airframe. I put it onto a beltdrive driven by 8-1700 SCRC's and a 10 X 10 APC
prop. The honors were given to Ray Gagne, test pilot for Diablo Valley Radio
 Controllers. He did a beautiful takeoff and flight followed by a rolling 2 wheel
landing. The total flight time was just under 5 minutes. That's me with the smile
holding the model after the 1st flight, Thanks Ray! Since then it has been
repowered with the Model Electronics Turbo 10+. This swings a 12 X 10
Master Airscrew Electric prop on 10-1700 SCRC cells for a terific boost in
power and speed. The latest specificatios are in the table below.

Wingspan: 50"
Wing area: 336
Length: 47"
Weight: 70 oz.
Wing Loading: 30 oz. / sq. ft.
Motor: Model Electronics Turbo 10+
Gear Ratio: Model Electronics 6 : 1
Prop: 12 X 10 Master Airscrew Electric
Batteries: 10 X Sanyo 1700SCRC matched
Speed Control: AstroFlight
Amps:  42 static
Watts: 420 watts
Watt Loading: 84 watts / lb
RPM: 7,400 RPM

Mt. Diablo in the background.

Looking good, needs a pilot though.

This was taken at 95 KRC, it was featured in 2nd edition
of Electric Flight International.

Test Pilot Ray Gagne and the takeoff roll.

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