EZ Christen Eagle II

This is an EZ models ARF that I found hanging from the ceiling of a local hobby
shop. It wasn't quite finished, but it really caught my eye. It was originally designed
to be powered with a .25 class glow engine. I modified it to run with a Model
Electronics "War Emergency Power" Turbo 10+. I used 10 matched 1700's to spin
the prop. I was told by a few glow fliers at the local field that it wouldn't fly with a
schnuerle ported .28 so there was no way it could fly with an electric motor. With
this in mind I didn't expect much when I tried some taxi runs on a grass strip. The
day had about 10 MPH winds coming right down the runway. As I slowly
advanced power the "P" factor really started to kick in. I compensated with the
rudder and before I knew it, she took off!  I wasn't even imagining this so I was
caught totally off guard. I kept her straight and gained some altitude before turning
back towards me. By this time my knees and my hands were shaking and it was
all I could do to get it around and lined up with the runway. I dropped the power
slowly so as not to stall it and she settled down to a one bounce touchdown!
Boy was I relieved  and excited all at once. She actually flew when I was
convinced it wouldn't work, and was still in one piece! Since then I flew
her about a dozen more times. It really didn't have all the power I would have
liked, wouldn't do a loop without a slight dive. The ground handling was a bear
and I broke a few props before I decided to retire her. She now hangs proudly
on display in my home.

Wingspan: 38"
Wing area: 474 sq. in.
Length: 34"
Weight: 81 oz.
Wing Loading: 24.58 oz. / sq. ft.
Motor: Model Electronics Turbo 10 Plus
Gear Ratio: 6 / 1
Prop: 12 X 10 Master Airscrew Electric
Batteries: 10 X Sanyo 1700SCRC matched
Speed Control: Flightec
Amps:  42 static
Watts: 420 watts
Watt Loading: 84 watts / lb.
RPM: 7,400 RPM
Pilot: Crash Test Dummy!



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