Bushwacker Twin

This is an older kit that isn't made anymore.  It was originally
designed for a .19 - .30 glow engine. I got it from my buddy
Al Auger, seen in the photo with the stopwatch. He's quite the
prolific modeler! He redesigned it to take a pair of .10 glow,
but lost interest when his shop was burglarized and the .10's
were stolen. I thought it would make a great electric twin
so he gave it to me. I made a vacuum formed cowl and nacelles
to enclose the motors. I also added retractable landing gear
with gear doors. All three gear and the doors were operated
with one standard servo! This was a real chore to get the
 linkage worked out but the result was a great looking and
flying plane. This photo was taken as I was getting rid of the
shakes immediately following the 1st flight. It was taken at the
Devil Mt. Electric Flyin in Oct. 96. We were testing the rest
of the runtime on the batteries. It won two awards at this meet.
Thanks Al!


Wingspan: 69"
Wing area: 551"
Length: 39"
Weight: 80 oz.
Wing Loading: 20.89 oz/sq.ft.
Motors: 2 X Kyosho AP29BB
Gear Ratio: Custom 3.15 / 1
Props: APC 8" X 10" Sport
Batteries: 15 X Sanyo KR1400 Ae
Speed Control: Viper Speed Demon 200
Amps:  17 amps static
Watts: 255 Watts
Watt Loading: 51 Watts / lb.
RPM: 7800 RPM

You can see the gear doors in this photo.

Flyby DVRC field Antioch Ca.                                  It looks great with the gear retracted!

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