This is a fiberglass and foam wing scale model of the BD-5.
I've done a little research and there is a prop powered BD with
these numbers and this color scheme. I'm in the process of rebuilding
it right now, after an unfortunate tangle with a football goalpost. I'll
never forget the sound it made, TWANG! Why does this always
happen when I'm trying to show off! The four inch steel pipe wins
every time. The picture was taken as it was about to takeoff from
the Diablo Valley Radio Controllers runway in Antioch, CA. It's
sitting on the old 49'ers astroturf, that we had bought for our runway.

Wingspan 53.5" 
Wing area 384.25 sq. in. 
Weight 80 oz. (before pipe)
Wing Loading 29.98 oz. / sq. ft. 
Power AstroFlight Sport Wind 15 
Gearbox Hobby Lobby 2 /1 Titanium 
Drive Shaft Custom Made Stainless Steel 

.385" X .025" tubing with 

aluminum fittings at both ends. 
Battery 16  Sanyo 1000SCR 
Speed Control Viper Model Products Speed Demon #200 
Propeller APC 8" diam. X 10" pitch 
Performance 10,500 RPM 
Amp Draw 31 amps 
Watt Loading 99.2 watts / lb. 

It takes quite a lot of runway to takeoff, and is quite a handful
on the runway. I suppose the pusher prop is the culprit for it's
takeoff squirrelliness. The  time it really starts to shine is above
60% throttle in the air. At this speed everything smoothes out and
it then begins to fly as if on rails! It really gets moving once the
prop gets unstalled and Exhilarating 5 Min. flights are not a problem.
I'm rebuilding it now and installing a set of Robart retracts. A plane
such as this looks looks so much more realistic with the wheels
tucked up on a flyby.

This was after the 1st flight at the
Devil Mt. Electric Flyin  Oct. 98

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Takeoff Video     Landing Video

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